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Things to see

There are several interesting places to see during your stay at Egen Ingång.
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The Tourist Information in Älmhult gives valuable information of different attractions and activities, restaurants etc.

IKEA is the biggest tourist attraction in Älmhult. The founder Ingvar Kamprad is born in Elmtaryd outside Älmhult. The store in Älmhult is therefore the first IKEA store in the world.

Carl von Linné
In Råshult you can experience the genuine atmosphere where the famous scientist Carl von Linné was born during the 17th century.
The surroundings with herb gardens, flower beds, a café and a museum is well worth a visit.

Huseby Bruk is a living work estate that includes an entire village. The area offers several museums, a mill, a manor, a café and a restaurant. Guided tours can be booked.



If you like fishing you can buy the fishing card at the Tourist Information in Älmhult.

Helge å is a small river that runs in the area. If you are interested in canoing there are several places around Älmhult that let you rent canoes and equipments.

The Kingdom of Chrystal is a small section of Kronoberg and Kalmar counties in the province of Småland. Many of the world´s best-known glassworks can be found here.

The website of Småland has more valuable information.


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